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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home school assistance program?Anchor
Home School Assistance Programs (HSAP) are under the umbrella of the public school system. Each school district that has a HSAP receives funding from the state to provide services for enrolled home school families.

What are the basic requirements of a home school assistance program?
Each enrolled family is assigned a state-certified teacher to serve as the supervising teacher. This teacher is responsible to have four contacts per quarter with the student and parent. Half of these contacts are to be of a face-to-face nature.Anchor

In addition to this basic requirement for supervision, the HSAP may choose to offer additional services to enrolled families.

Who may enroll in a home school assistance program?Anchor
Any student who either resides in the district hosting the HSAP, or is open enrolled into the district hosting the HSAP. The student must be at least age five on or before September 15th to enroll.

What is dual-enrollment?Anchor
Dual-enrollment refers to a process that allows home schooling families to have access to public school classes and activities on the same basis as regularly enrolled full-time students.

Is your question not listed?
The Competent Private Instruction Handbook has an extensive FAQ section.