There are three types of enrollment that may apply to you:

MHSAP Enrollment

If you reside in the Marion School District, you may enroll into the MHSAP at any time of the year, by contacting our office, (319) 373-9209. Please fill out 2021-22 Enrollment Form. Printed copies can be obtained from our office.  

Program families enroll online through a district database program called PowerSchool. After contacting us you will be sent information on how to access this database from your computer. Currently enrolled families can review and update information on their student(s) in PowerSchool.

Open Enrollment

If you live outside the Marion District,  your district may currently host a home school assistance program. If your district does not host a program, or you prefer the services that MHSAP has to offer and live within 45 miles, you may open enroll into the Marion District. The open enrollment deadline for students in grades 1-12 is March 1st, for the following school year. The open enrollment deadline for kindergartners is September 1st. You may obtain an open enrollment form through your resident district, by contacting us, or online.

Once the open enrollment request has been submitted and approved by the Marion District, we will contact you to set up an orientation interview to answer any questions you have and familiarize you with our program services.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is a term used to describe a student who is primarily home educated, but who desires participation in selected classes and activities through the public school’s regular education program. If you desire dual enrollment, please indicate that on your open enrollment application and/or the MHSAP Enrollment process. Dual Enrollment is further categorized into Academic and Extracurricular.