Program Services

home school program services


Families desiring to enroll their children in MHSAP will participate in an orientation meeting that will explain the services available through MHSAP and answer any questions. If interested please contact us.

Supervising Teacher Assistance

Families enrolling in MHSAP will be assigned a supervising teacher who will lend their professional expertise on an as-needed basis in supporting, empowering, and encouraging them.

Enrichment Classes

Optional enrichment classes are offered for students in grades K-12 to supplement the teaching done by the parent.

Field Trips

Optional field trips are available to each enrolled family, usually structured in a family format.


Throughout the year there are activities designed to showcase student achievement and promote networking among program families.

Resource Library

The MHSAP facility houses a resource library collection with a variety of general materials to support home education efforts.

Access to Public School Resources

Through a process called dual-enrollment, program families can take advantage of classes and activities offered through the public school regular education program and the Marion Independent School District.

District and Grant Wood AEA Services

Beyond the regular education classes and activities, the district and local area education agency offer a variety of services available to home education families. These services include, but are not limited to, special education, testing, media resources and vision/hearing screening.